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Crimping Hair Is Back And Crimpin’ Is Easy

Afternoon, ladies. Looking to make waves this Summer? Crimpin’ hasn’t historically been easy, but it is now. Want a beachy, bouncy look? Want that traditional, crimpy style with a clean wave? Looking for fashion-forward finger waves? You need this crimping hair tool. Making waves Achieving the Victoria’s Secret-model-esque bouncy waves and texture is now possible thanks to Sarah Potempa’s Beachwaver. Fashion show veterans …

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The Summer of Weird Politics and Lazy Footwear

I have to tell you. This summer has been amazing. Amazingly crazy. I mean. Turn on the news or log onto twitter and it’s crazy. Armageddon-y af out here. And not in that like, meteoroid-hits-earth-Bruce-Willis kind of way. Like real shit. Real, deeply embedded shit that no one has wanted to talk about for years. And this. If you need …

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Skip the Crowds and Play

When Kay suggested that we take a fashion field trip to the mall I felt my stomach turn and my skin begin to crawl.  Memories of my father barking out military-like instructions and the panic I felt knowing that I only had 15 – 20 minutes to buy school clothes for the entire year that would somehow allow me to …

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Fashion Can Be Fun And Inexpensive

Ever since I was a little kid, I’ve loved fashion and make up. My mother was a hair stylist and make up artist. I would sit by her side as she matched autumn colored pallets against middle-aged women’s faces. She had a passion, and still does, for color and style. She passed it on to me. It wasn’t until I …

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Oh, Fitch, Please

Sex Sells ~ Abercrombie and Fitch First off, this isn’t anything new. It’s not like Abercrombie and Fitch suddenly decided to quit making XXL clothing because they didn’t want to have fat people reppin’ their brand. They’ve been that way forever. Interestingly the people most up in arms about this seem to be the target market. The rich 18-22 year …

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