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How Many Librarians Does It Take To Find A Graphic Novel?

It was quite the trek to the library on a hot Saturday afternoon. Yep, decided to bike there. It’s not that far, and although I’m in the city, it’s not that bad, if you just keep chuggin’ and pay no attention to the cars swerving and swearing. I’d just finished reading the first of Joe Hill and Gabriel Rodriguez’s Locke …

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From Denmark With Love: A Comedy Mash-Up of Hamlet & Bond

Hamlet walks across the stage with a teapot. The actor is held in a James Bond style spotlight. He turns suddenly to face the audience and pours tea. The name is Ham – Hamlet. The parody mashup of James Bond and Hamlet takes off. Armed with an invisible sword made with twelfth century technology by Q, our Hammie, the hammy …

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Wolf Children Premiere at MIT with Mamoru Hosoda

Following MIT’s launch party for Professor Ian Condry‘s new book The Soul of Anime, there was a screening of director Mamoru Hosoda’s third full-length anime feature Wolf Children (2012). Hosoda’s first two features The Girl Who Leapt Through Time (2006) and Summer Wars (2009) established him as a top animator, but Wolf Children (2012) won the academy award for best …

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