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Elvis and the End of the 50’s

What I know about the 50’s, I learned from my father. He proclaimed that decade “the best ten years  for music, cars, and the USA”. He said Elvis was the best thing that ever happened to music and the Beatles were the worst. He blamed the British invasion for pot, long hair, and the next decade of debauchery. But the …

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How Many Librarians Does It Take To Find A Graphic Novel?

It was quite the trek to the library on a hot Saturday afternoon. Yep, decided to bike there. It’s not that far, and although I’m in the city, it’s not that bad, if you just keep chuggin’ and pay no attention to the cars swerving and swearing. I’d just finished reading the first of Joe Hill and Gabriel Rodriguez’s Locke …

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My Two Minutes on Spoken Word

I walked into my first open mic three years ago. I was late so the mc brought me a chair.  I had no idea that this little coffee shop would become my home for the next three years. That on the stage, my broken would look a lot like magic. That my words, would mean something to someone. You have no …

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Comic Book Legend: The Legacy Of Carmine Infantino

I started out reading DC comics. They were action packed and no matter who the hero or heroine was, there was a moral to the story. In place of any sort of guidance from my elders on moral turpitude, the stories served as a paradigm by which to live my life. I was the underdog in my own life story …

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I am navigating on the metro, a city built inside my veins. The needle loads the tracks and my day launches through red skies traveling to Oz. These buildings hold ghosts and scratched corners, bedroom closets, and hotel bathrooms. A toothbrush cleans the doorstop to a flushed purple, but tonight the spins are scraping down to muscle. When we met, …

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