vəˈräɡō/: a woman of strength or spirit; a female warrior.


John Sevigny –True Grit

John Sevigny photographer and writer John Sevigny grew up in a Miami neighborhood which was a frequently contradictory combination of music, art, poverty and urban chaos brought on by waves of immigration and inner city strife. In his photographs, he clings to the idealism that stems from suffering but never forgets the dark memories, and the lessons, of what he …

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Review of Oblivion: Not the State, the Movie

Where you see the movie makes a difference. It’s great to see sci-fi movies with a bunch of nerds. I saw it at MIT LSC. I thought the preview for Oblivion looked good, despite Tom Cruise being Tom Cruise. Morgan Freeman was in it to boot, so that made it better. Always go to see a movie with God in …

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Joss Parker: Television on Canvas

I saw Joss Parker’s art about a year ago in a small gallery in Columbus, Ohio. It popped off of the brick wall like a flashing vacancy sign on an empty highway. I’ve seen pop art before. I was a kid in the 80’s. The whole world was a comic book. But there is something more to Parker’s art. It …

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Eric Allshouse: Portrait Through the Lens of an Artist, Activist and Teacher

KE:  Eric, I met you what seems a lifetime ago at the  Bernstein Bookstore in Lawrence, MA. Those were challenging and creative times. A lot of us were really giving the middle finger to the establishment. How has political injustice and ecological issues inspired your artwork? EA: I have created many paintings and drawings relating to political and or ecological …

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ICA | The Institute of Contemporary Art/Boston | This Will Have Been: Art, Love & Politics in the 1980s

http://www.icaboston.org/exhibitions/exhibit/this_will_have_been “This Will Have Been: Art, Love & Politics in the 1980s” started in the hallway with a video clip from Charlie Ahearn’s Wild Style, 1983. The feature length underground movie cobbles together a love story of renegade urban artists in New York city with incredible footage of hip-hop culture including a very young Grand Master Flash scratching on real …

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