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Oleg Korolev/A New Olde Master

Oleg Korolev can be described as a “new master”.  Elements of olde masters infiltrate his work, yet he remains completely modern and original. Spirituality is evident even in his paintings where it is not centralized. The subjects of his work are not “non descript” figments but rather real people…imagined or not. His ability to capture metaphor with paint is extraordinary. And …

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Nick Cave Soundsuits at the ICA, Boston, MA

Nick Cave - Soundsuits at the Institute of Contemporary Art

Nick Cave the Chicago-based artist, not the Australian musician will be exhibiting at the Institute of Contemporary Art, Boston. The artist made Soundsuits out of a “gauche, lavish adornment” of found objects and started the project as a way of dealing with racial profiling. The project evolved out of a need to be heard and to be protective — the …

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Tom Bagshaw: Rebel Fairy Tales

Tom Bagshaw’s art hits like a dose of ether. Every painting a portrait of darkness behind the enchantment of a rebel fairy tale. The women, whether real or figments of Bagshaw’s imagination, are a combination of 17th century romanticism and underplayed sexuality. When I look at his paintings I see women who are commanding but feminine…a delicate girl in a …

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Johann Fournier/Antigravity Art

The work of Johann Fournier can be described as ethereal photography — images that break apart in front of the lens and become art. They are science and anatomy, music and philosophy all captured with a shutter. Fournier’s photographs are lucid dreams where the world is rotated and dead to gravity. There is an element of darkness and light in …

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Chris Mars/ Life Imitating Art “Special Agent Gordon Cole” “Hag Harriet Milfoil” “Mrs. Lanterman’s Daughter” “Same as the Old Year” “The Resurrection Machine” If you’ve never touched the inside of a mental hospital, then you will never understand that the monsters aren’t inside. If you’ve never felt the sting of a needle as medication turns your veins into overpasses, then you’ll never understand that …

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Launderama at UnchARTed Gallery: Art and Music Journey Together Through the Spin Cycle

Launderama is a collaborative installation featuring the Encaustic Paintings of Barbara Gagel & the Drawings and music of Stephen Clements, based on the song “Launderama”. Come explore the confluence of music-inspired art and textures in this new installation at UnChARTed Gallery with a musical performance tomorrow (Saturday, August 17) from 4-8 pm. The installation features the precise color blasts of …

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