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Monthly Archives: September 2017

Why All These Budget Articles Didn’t Teach Me Shit About Saving Money

If I had to choose which article pointed me in the right direction of budget-sensibility, I probably wouldn’t choose any of them. Plain and simple, budgeting is so incredibly personal and every time I read a new article about it, it literally gives me indigestion. You mean, I wasn’t doing it right? I bring my lunch to work and I …

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How To Swing Into Autumn On The Cheap

If you’re anything like me, seeing folks running around in sweatshirts and utility jackets is usually a harbinger of my seasonal effective disorder. Many of us didn’t go to tropical resorts this past summer, so we’re probably feeling a little cheated. That said, there’s a bunch of ways to celebrate the last of these warm nights while welcoming that new …

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Five Quick And Easy Self-Confidence Boosters

Virago Magazine

Five Quick And Easy Self-Confidence Boosters Oh, if I were 21 again; that adage of youth being wasted on the young—well…sure it’s cliché, but I would probably trade youth for wisdom. So many of us wish we had the self-knowledge of ten years ago and the same stamina to stay up three nights in a row. I remember pulling all-nighters …

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