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Monthly Archives: June 2017

Why I’m A Pro-Sex/Pro-Celibacy Feminist

I remember visiting London in the 90s–the phone booths were plastered with T&A ads. I was the stereotypically shocked American, raised on “goodness” and “Catholicism.” We can all see where that went. Anyone catch the flick “Spotlight”? It was quickly explained to me by my British friend that sex isn’t nearly as much of a big deal in Europe as …

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The Dark Side of The Moon: Recollections on Pink Floyd and Syd Barrett

I’ll never forget the day my brother and I found “Dark Side of the Moon” walking to Kmart on a boring, summer day. The cassette was sandwiched inside the train track of our town noticeable only to the pedestrian eye. That particular train hadn’t run in over 50 years, so everyone from our junior high school would hang out by …

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WIN the Deluxe Summer Staycation Giveaway!

Win the DELUXE SUMMER STAYCATION with Wine Awesomeness. Enter giveaway below. #wineallthetime Enter to win a weekend staycation in your city! Prizes include a Home Automation Starter Package from Smarthome, $500 of travel cash from The Guestbook, six months of wine exploration from Wine Awesomeness, a set of custom color sheets from Flaneur, a $250 AMEX gift card to splurge …

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Five Simple Ways To Self-Care This Summer

Simple Summer Self-Care

Let’s face it. We are hard-driving, bad-ass chicas, but most of us are on a budget. If the barrage of Instagram posts of exotic, tropical destinations isn’t giving you MAD FOMO, you’re probably not human. That said, let’s look at a few options to retreat, regroup and reenter without emptying your wallet.   Google “fun day trips in_____”. The blank …

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Crimping Hair Is Back And Crimpin’ Is Easy

Afternoon, ladies. Looking to make waves this Summer? Crimpin’ hasn’t historically been easy, but it is now. Want a beachy, bouncy look? Want that traditional, crimpy style with a clean wave? Looking for fashion-forward finger waves? You need this crimping hair tool. Making waves Achieving the Victoria’s Secret-model-esque bouncy waves and texture is now possible thanks to Sarah Potempa’s Beachwaver. Fashion show veterans …

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‘Professor Marston & The Wonder Women’ Gets Teaser Trailer!

Gal Gadot (left), Patty Jenkins and Lynda Carter at the premiere of Wonder Woman in Hollywood. Photo: AFP

‘Professor Marston & The Wonder Women’ Gets Teaser Trailer ! The upcoming movie Professor Marston and the Wonder Women just got its first teaser trailer. Our heads are spinning! The teaser was shown in theaters before Wonder Woman this past weekend. Luke Evans, Rebecca Hall, Bella Heathcote, Oliver Pratt, and Connie Britton star in the upcoming film, which follows the …

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