Monthly Archives: March 2016

An Open Letter To The Subway

I’ve been riding you for some time now. Your windows are like movie stills. In the first scene, a homeless man sleeps off a drunk oblivion. He’s still, but you speed him away as I watch from the platform. What did Einstein say? The speed of light is finite, but we’re in two different spaces. I can’t pretend to totally …

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Why I’m A Pro-Sex/Pro-Celibacy Feminist

I remember visiting London in the 90s–the phone booths were plastered with T&A ads. I was the stereotypically shocked American, raised on “goodness” and “Catholicism.” We can all see where that went. Anyone catch the flick “Spotlight”? It was quickly explained to me by my British friend that sex isn’t nearly as much of a big deal in Europe as …

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How Thinking Too Big Can Kill Your Creativity

As artists, we tend to think in huge, Herculean hurtles. After all, we are dramatic…and that’s GOOD. The problem is that we have been brainwashed into thinking that more (all at once) is not only better, it’s more plausible than step-by-step momentum. Blame it on our consumer-driven society or early teachers who stuck our artistic child into a corner. “This painting lacks depth” or …

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