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Monthly Archives: March 2014

Jonathan Richman and Tommy Larkin – A Review

Jonathan Richman

Jonathan Richman – A Rare Troubadour From the back of the Middle East Upstairs I saw Tommy Larkin sit down at his kit dressed in black with black framed glasses. He waved, getting comfortable testing his drums, but then he disappeared behind a wall of shoulder to shoulder audience. Jonathan Richman came out almost like a tech there was so little …

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Kate Bush announces first tour in 35 years

Kate Bush has just announced that she will perform a bunch of live shows this August and September in the UK. Announcing the news on her official website, the singer said she will play 15 shows at London’s Hammersmith Apollo in August and September. The run of shows will be called Before The Dawn and will begin on August 26. …

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Primroses and Butterflies

He was trapped. Devon opened his eyes and peered through the thick glass container that secluded his body. Although he was familiar with his surroundings, something seemed different. Intermittent darkness settled inside the familiar science lab, but enough light infiltrated the room to let Devon glance around. Still, he could not place his finger upon the abnormality that suppressed his …

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The Stooges: Down In The Street, Scott Asheton in memoriam

With the death of drummer Scott Asheton, the original line-up of the proto-punk, Ann-Arbor Michigan band The Stooges is now down to one surviving member, Iggy. As sorrow pours out from posts of rock fans and journalists across the net, I wanted to find away to pay tribute with earnest, but without the  baggage of the overwhelming sadness I felt. …

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