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Monthly Archives: February 2014

Oleg Korolev/A New Olde Master

Oleg Korolev can be described as a “new master”.  Elements of olde masters infiltrate his work, yet he remains completely modern and original. Spirituality is evident even in his paintings where it is not centralized. The subjects of his work are not “non descript” figments but rather real people…imagined or not. His ability to capture metaphor with paint is extraordinary. And …

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Serge Severe – Strong Coffee

Serge Severe, Strong Coffee

Like a adrenaline shot injected straight to your headphones, Portland’s Serge Severe’s ‘Strong Coffee’ stimulates the broken heart of hip hop and gets heads bopping. Aided by the production of 5th Sequence, this beat’s heavy jam takes you back to a time before the infiltration if the culture vultures, when hip hop was music for the people, not the corporations. …

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All Who Remain/Radio Isn’t Dead

Radio music hasn’t died. Digital distribution has definitely limited listeners from hearing music that they don’t like. On the other hand, they don’t get the opportunity to listen to music they would love, either. That’s why radio is still a popular source for music, even in today’s modern age. People enjoy treading into murky waters, not knowing what song is …

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Vaudeville Reimagined: Circus of Oz Comes to Boston

Circus of Oz is a mind-bending, acrobatic feast for the eyes. “From the Ground Up” features an eclectic and incredibly versatile troupe from Melbourne, Australia, including a feisty clown, acrobats, aerialists and jugglers who defy gravity with jaw-dropping tricks, musical gaiety and stunts that will amaze. The animal-free circus takes place around the show’s centerpiece – a giant swinging steel …

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