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Monthly Archives: October 2013

Here Comes the Waves: Lou Reed In Memoriam

In the early 90s, I remember an intense conversation with my friend Rob about a goth girl he had met and was thinking of dating. He was physically attracted to her, and she seemed into him, but she hated Lou Reed. And that bothered him. “I don’t understand it,” I remember him sayiing. “She likes the Cure and Siouxsie and …

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Lou Reed/New York Stars

White Light/White Heat was the first Velvet Underground cassette that I owned. I popped it into my walkman and strolled out of my avenue. When I started listening to The Gift, I stopped and sat down on the steps of an insurance office… which became the steps of Marsha, Waldo, and Sheila’s apartment. I walked into a short film, with an …

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Missing Lou Reed

I found The Velvet Underground & Nico at the thrift store. I couldn’t afford new records, except from the cut-out bin at the Woolworth, but the thrift store yielded some early treasures. While my friends were learning “Stairway to Heaven” and “Free Bird,” I was trying to play the lead for “Sister Ray,” off of White Light/White Heat. Few girls …

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The Lovers At The Middle East Upstairs, Cambridge, MA – Live Review

We came in at the tail end of Shepherdess performing a wacky little ditty called “Fries.” They finished out their set with a couple more tunes before leaving us, upstairs at the Middle East. My date and I headed to the back of the room to the “make out couch” and contented ourselves with watching the crowd while we waited …

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