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Monthly Archives: July 2013

Freeze-Tag’s Techno-Magik

As I shook off the fatigue of a long day’s work off and settled down for a listen to Ohio born Techo-Alchemist Freeze-Tag, a familiar beep took to me to my Facebook page. There, was my friend Jill (who lives in Texas) posting scenes from the epic filibuster to a controversial anti-abortion bill, featuring the defiant Senator Wendy Davis. At …

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Yamin Semali, “Yamin”, the instrumentals | John Robinson, Boog Brown guest on “Yamin”

album: YAMIN SEMALI, YAMIN, THE INSTRUMENTALS YAMIN, out now featuring John Robinson, Boog Brown and production from Illastrate [Yen Dollar Music] free on Bandcamp at Yamin on Bandcamp | Yamin on Facebook | on Twitter East Point, GA native Yamin, formerly known as DJ AmDex, presents the instrumental version of his new album Yamin, available free on his Bandcamp page. Yamin produces all but two songs on the album, which are …

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From Denmark With Love: A Comedy Mash-Up of Hamlet & Bond

Hamlet walks across the stage with a teapot. The actor is held in a James Bond style spotlight. He turns suddenly to face the audience and pours tea. The name is Ham – Hamlet. The parody mashup of James Bond and Hamlet takes off. Armed with an invisible sword made with twelfth century technology by Q, our Hammie, the hammy …

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John Sevigny –True Grit

John Sevigny photographer and writer John Sevigny grew up in a Miami neighborhood which was a frequently contradictory combination of music, art, poverty and urban chaos brought on by waves of immigration and inner city strife. In his photographs, he clings to the idealism that stems from suffering but never forgets the dark memories, and the lessons, of what he …

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Air Traffic Controller, The Outside The Box Festival, Beacon Stage

Air Traffic Controller’s Dave Munro announced they would start their set off with a little number called “Test, 1,2.” Apparently a song they do for sound check when they don’t get one. Casey Sullivan, a recording artist in her own right, plays a mean Hoffner style bass, the instrument favored by Paul McCartney. They soon kicked it into “Pick Me …

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