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Monthly Archives: May 2013

I’ve Tried To Leave You

In between your black and white, I see red ribbons floating. Ribbons from presents you haven’t bought me yet. You were always pretty cheap, not to mention invasive. Sometimes you would slap my hands when I was in the middle of a conversation or call me incessantly while I was at a party trying to get wasted. Your nagging became …

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Two Hours at the Mall

I love the mall. The smell of new plastic. I like watching people. Not in a creepy way, in the way that a writer watches people. Like it’s channel 5. I sit outside of the arcade, fuck a few hours away. Life writes itself if you let it. The fifteen year old shoplifter who has no idea that I didn’t …

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Mvstermind, “80-D” f. AtM, Lyrique, Ciej, Sixela Yoccm

Mvstermind, “80-D” f. AtM, Lyrique, Ciej, Sixela Yoccm produced by Mvstermind | directed by Louis Quatorze | 80-D album coming soon video at | Mvstermind on Twitter (@mvstermind) | Facebook | Bandcamp North St. Louis rapper/producer Muhammad “Mvstermind” Austin presents the Louis Quatorze-directed music video for “80-D”, his self-produced new single from the upcoming eponymous album. “80-D” features appearances from AtM, Ciej, Sixela Yoccm and Lyrique, all artists on Mvstermind’s MME Entertainment imprint. A onetime …

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Star Trek Into Darkness and Bun-O-Vision

Star Trek, Wrath of Khan in Bun-O-Vision I can see why they picked JJ Abrams to head the Star Trek and Star Wars film franchises respectively. He likes to recycle, knows how to use stunning visual effects to great advantage and could give a shit about the canon. What he does, he does well – he knows how to make …

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Internet Killed the Video Star

  The only stations worth hearing in a college town are from a garage floor soaked in motor oil. My sister has a boyfriend with a sister at NYU who knows Martha Quinn and Martha bought these boots in New York and sent them home with her. Somehow my sister has them now. Martha Quinn’s leather boots! MTV launches on …

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Oh, Fitch, Please

Sex Sells ~ Abercrombie and Fitch First off, this isn’t anything new. It’s not like Abercrombie and Fitch suddenly decided to quit making XXL clothing because they didn’t want to have fat people reppin’ their brand. They’ve been that way forever. Interestingly the people most up in arms about this seem to be the target market. The rich 18-22 year …

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