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Monthly Archives: April 2013

Record Stores: Why My Love of Vinyl Persists

My first 45 was Manfred Mann’s Earth Band/Blinded by the Light. Still the most lyrically misunderstood song ever. I was 9 and I can still remember what it felt like to take the record from the sleeve. I put on my father’s massive JVC headphones and sat against the wall. For the next 5 years I split my $5 between …

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Eric Allshouse: Portrait Through the Lens of an Artist, Activist and Teacher

KE:  Eric, I met you what seems a lifetime ago at the  Bernstein Bookstore in Lawrence, MA. Those were challenging and creative times. A lot of us were really giving the middle finger to the establishment. How has political injustice and ecological issues inspired your artwork? EA: I have created many paintings and drawings relating to political and or ecological …

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John Hughes: The Frank Capra of the Eighties

John Hughes captured the eighties perfectly with its teen existentialistic angst, neon, and new wave. If you were a teenager in the mid-eighties (and I was), it was a great place to be. Reagan was president, MTV was in its wonder years, and Bono was just becoming a socially conscious rockstar. The atmosphere of the American high school was snapshotted perfectly …

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