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Monthly Archives: February 2013

Malkovich: Great Expectations – Album Review

I’ve always had an admiration for artists who use dark comedy to poke fun at seemingly hopeless situations. Throughout history, people have used witty satire to elucidate the most fucked up situations. Which is why I was drawn last year to a prolific, LA rapper named Malkovich. Songs like IRAN SO FAR WAY and WTF piqued my self-effacing curiosity and …

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The Return of Kid Funkadelic

It’s funny. I have been a Prince fan for sometime now and I thought I could write a subjective piece about his appearance on the Grammy’s and his place among rock’s most productive and enigmatic superheroes without Fanboyin’ out. But, this is also an opportunity for me to voice a perspective you don’t hear that much. As a young immigrant …

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Alabama Shakes on SNL: Always Alright

Alabama Shakes is an American rock band formed in Athens, Alabama in 2009. The group is comprised of lead singer Brittany Howard, guitarist Heath Fogg, bassist Zac Cockrell, and drummer Steve Johnson. The group received three nominations for the 2013 Grammy Awards: one for best new artist, one for best rock performance, for “Hold On”; and one for best recording …

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Virago’s List of Best and Worst Love Songs (Ara’s)

1) Into Your Arms/Nick Cave Nick Cave can murder us with eroticism then resurrect us with something biblical. “Into Your Arms” is a six inch gold blade cutting through a faint heart. It is mutiny in heaven and the messiah ward. You will get lost in the music, like a rainy night in Soho in God’s motel. Love is like …

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