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Monthly Archives: January 2013

Waking the Witch: The Music of Kate Bush

Kate Bush is the haunt of a stained glass temple after hours, a melodious cathedral. Her music is its own sort of church — hymnal in its movement. She is not the subdued female artist nor does she have the synthetic vulgarity that permeates much of the music scene. Her music feels like the beauty of a black and white …

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Pretty Graves

A girl checks her reflection in the tinted glass of an ambulance This is a magazine Six-inch heels grinding across a board of rusty nails This is a magazine The flatlands in skin This is a magazine Palm trees in short skirts This is a magazine Mine lights in gaunt caves This is a magazine Skyscrapers in concrete strap backs …

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Dead or Alive? Is good music becoming extinct?

As 1:17 a.m. rolled in, I still had nothing written on paper. My plan was a sweeping clever critique of pop culture as we know it in 2012; to ask the question in this new millennium–can rock n ‘roll survive? I’d start with the recent atrocity called the American Music Awards, moving quickly to outlining potentially revolutionary bands who could change …

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Django Unchained: “The hero can’t dead till the last reel!”

The first time I saw “The Harder They Come,”  I was mesmerized. I was barely thirteen and living in Barbados in the late 1970’s. My friend Ian and I snuck into a movie theater. There he was — Jimmy Cliff. He looked like the rebels we looked up to around our way, but at the same time he carried on a tradition …

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