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Monthly Archives: October 2012

Confessions of an obsessed Foodie

I’m an obsessed foodie. I think about food the minute I wake up until the minute I fall asleep. I plan my vacation around where I should eat, judge a wedding on what they will be serving, and the Zagat is my Bible. I judge people on what they eat. For some unknown reason, I think it’s a window into …

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One woman’s struggle to overcome debilitating anxiety

When you are your own prisoner, unable to accomplish the most simple, everyday tasks, there comes a point when you reach a quiet acceptance. Although logic is screaming at you to take a shower, to eat a solid meal, or to get outside in the sunlight, none of these are reasonable options in the mind of an agoraphobic. You become …

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POF: Plenty of FAIL

POF: Plenty of FAIL You’re laughing, right? Thinking of your own wonderful experiences? I try and think, “Maybe I was too judgmental; I should give men a second chance, presenting yourselves to the female race is an a ominous and risky task.” I signed up for the lovely Plenty of Fish this summer looking for some carefree dating (hiking, beach, …

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